About Us

Mission: Changing lives through technology acumen

Focus: Our goal is to change lives by providing computer programming apprenticeships and workshops, which will provide exposure to and remove barriers associated with: college, careers, and entrepreneurship.


At present, we are offering three training options:

  • Apprenticeship program, our flagship program which provides a deep dive and mastery of coding (Computer Programming)
  • College Jump Start, a summer program for graduating HS students wanting to master first year of college computer science concepts before college
  • Workshops, one to five day sessions on a given subject (e.g. HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery)

<thisKidCanCode> will establish relationships with local corporations, non-profits, and churches to offer IT jobs and internships to qualified apprenticeship participants.

The programs will also tap into the creativity of each participant and foster their entrepreneurial spirit; as participants will learn how to create technology and not just use it.