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How it works


One day a week an apprentice-in-training will attend a one hour session. Sessions are facilitated in small group format, typically less than 5 trainees at a time. Small groups ensure that each apprentice-in-training gets the specific attention needed. Friends and family are encouraged to sign-up for the same or similar time slots. We believe in The Buddy System and this also helps with car-pooling. Each apprentice will become a CREATOR of technology, in addition to becoming a better user of technology.


There are 4 progressive apprenticeship levels: Tenderfoot, Skillcraft, LumberJack, and Guru. An apprentice must show mastery of specific skills to earn each badge and progress to the next level.

What will you learn

OMG! Really too much to list here but here is the high level (Tenderfoot): Electronics, How Computers Work, How the Internet Works, How Mobile Devices Work, CODING - Web and Mobile App Development, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ECMAScript 6).

Length of trainings

Levels are based on skill mastery and not necessarily time. It takes repetition to acquire mastery. Repetition works; just like practicing multiplication tables - the better you practice the higher your mastery. As each level requires mastery of different skills, each level has a different length of time to mastery. Tenderfoot has an expectancy of 16 to 20 weeks. The other levels are longer because of the skillset and the emphasis on earning industry certifications.


Students who earn the Tenderfoot badge may be offered Spring Break and/or Summer Camp assistants jobs. An almost immediate return on investment and a great way to learn mentoring skills.