Why <thisKidCanCode> for your child?

Steve Jobs, creator of Apple Computers (iPod, iPhone, iPads, etc...) once said
"Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think."

Learning how to program a computer is fun, but gaining the required logical thought process is priceless. Your child's problem solving, reasoning, and analytical thinking skills will be sharper as a result of learning computer programming.

If your child is underperforming, <thisKidCanCode> might be an answer! There is no GPA requirement to be an apprentice or to take a workshop. The important thing is, from every session, your child will leave with more confidence for life.

Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft says

"I got access to my first computer at age 13. ...I made a tic-tac-toe game"

Which career path?

Did you know many Fortune 500 CEO's don't have business degrees but Computer Science and Engineering degrees? The career path your child takes may not be in computers and that's OK. But going through the <thisKidCanCode> apprenticeship program or our workshops will grow your child's problem solving skills and that can set them apart in this global economy.