Proof: Brittany M.

Hello, my name is Brittany Middleton and I am a Memphis City Schools educator! However, pictured below is me, second from the left, and the rest of my computer programming team. We are holding trophies because the Memphis Team won the National BDPA High School Computer Programming Competition! Well, I'm being modest because we won the competition four years in a row! We beat high school teams from technology hubs such as New York, Charlotte, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and the list goes on...

The first teacher for the Memphis Team was John Ruffin. After volunteer teaching for a number of years, Mr. Ruffin became President of the local chapter and handed the teaching reigns over to Mr. Joseph Taylor and Mr. Todd Green. Had it not been for Mr. Ruffin's dedication in getting this program started, I would not have had the exposure and experience of competing on a national level.

I am a graduate of Cordova High School in Memphis, TN. Additionally, I am a graduate of University of Tennessee Knoxville with a degree in African Studies and Elementary Education. The skills I learned from the computer programming training aided in my matriculation through college. When I arrived at UT, I knew how to think logically, how to solve problems, and how to work on a team.

As a Memphis City School teacher, I am still using some of those same skills that I acquired from Mr. Ruffin's training. I use those skills to create meaningful lessons for my students.

I would recommend <thisKidCanCode> for kids today because not only will they receive skills in one of the most competitive career fields, but they will learn skills that can be applied to any profession. This program WILL change your life if you see it through!

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