Proof: Melanie Childs-White

Hello my name is Melanie White and <thisKidCanCode>! While a student at Raliegh Egypt High School in Memphis, TN, I didn't know what to expect, going into computer programming training. I had browsed the Internet before but knew very little on how computers worked. Excited that I was chosen to participate, I have to admit, I was intimidated by the material. I often wondered if I were smart enough to keep up with the other students. However, when I met the instructor, Mr. Ruffin, and the other volunteers in the program I felt very comfortable with them and the learning environment. I never dreamed that I would learn so much about computer networking topologies, computer programming with Visual Basic, SQL Server database, and of course the Internet. In addition to programming, we learned how to dress for success, resume writing, presentation skills, interview skills and table etiquette.

Looking back at the program, I feel that this learning experience was one of the best that could have happened to me! Our instructor, Mr. Ruffin made sure that we gave our all. After one test, I thought that had done well because I made a 96. Mr. Ruffin told us,

Do not put your name on the tests unless you plan on making 100 percent.
Although it seems harsh, that statement stayed with me throughout my high school and college education. To this day, I still apply the mentality of giving 100 percent in everything that I do.

After I completed High school I went on to study at the University of Memphis. There, I obtained a BBA in Management Information Systems. After college I moved to Atlanta and was able to gain employment with one of the nation's largest advertising companies, AT&T Adverting Solutions now, in the Internet Operations Group.

The Internet Operations Group handles everything from online listings, Website Creation, Search Engine Marketing, and Online Display Advertising. While working for, over the last 4 years I moved from being a website consultant to the Local Online Display Team Lead over the Local Online Display Department, which grossed over 20 million in revenue. Seeing that I could achieve so much more independently, I started my own Graphic Design and Online Marketing firm "The Little Guys Media", where "We Advertise, For The Little Guys". Without the program I know that I would not have achieved the level of success and confidence that I have today. I strongly recommend that you have your child enter the <thisKidCanCode> program. The program is awesome and if you let your child enter this program you won't be disappointed when YOUR kid can code.

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